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We care about personal data and privacy, and believe companies can play a big role in furthering privacy. At the same time, privacy law and regulation should not become an unreasonable burden on organizations.

  • Rama Veeraragoo
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Trying to make a positive dent in the universe. Previously, an attorney for a law firm, Freshfields and a bank, Credit Suisse, where I worked on complex structured products, derivatives and financings. Law at Balliol College, Oxford University and MBA with Chicago Booth.

  • Alex(ander) Craig
    Co-founder, CTO & Data Scientist

    Interested in beautifully crafted things and products. Together with Mahmoud, I built AppAdvice, a leading IOS app recommendation company. Astrophysics, Math and Art at UC Berkeley.

  • Mahmoud Hafez
    Co-founder & CPO

    I love great products and basketball. Together with Alex, I built AppAdvice, a leading IOS app recommendation company. Economics and Business at UC Berkeley.

  • Dániel Székely
    Front-end engineer

    Daniel builds amazing & beautiful front-end experiences.

  • Jernej Čop
    Backend engineer

    Jernej builds highly scalable backend systems.

  • Primož Jeras
    Data Scientist

    Primož builds intelligent AI systems.

  • Paula Skokowski

    Paula is an experienced marketer and CMO in Silicon Valley.

Our investors

We are grateful to be backed by leading investors in the San Francisco Bay Area including UC Berkeley SkyDeck.

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